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Heirs Lose Billions Of Dollars

Estate Assets Organizer Helps Locate Estate Assets


Learn how to maintain a complete record of estate assets and vital documents to ensure that nothing is lost or goes missing during the estate settlement process. You may know where your valuable documents and assets are located but will your heirs be able to find them easily when the time comes?


The Document Management System is an estate assets organizer which will enable you to keep a complete record of estate assets by using a set of estate record keeping forms. Step by step instructions and the necessary forms are provided so that you are guaranteed to have a full accounting of all your estate assets and documents.


An estate executor’s/heirs greatest challenge and responsibility during the estate settlement process is to locate all estate assets and documents of the deceased and prepare a full accounting. Estate executors do not have a crystal ball – they can only account for those assets that they are able to locate.


That’s why it makes sense to have an up to date record of your vital documents and record of estate assets so that your heirs can have easy access when needed.  Without proper record keeping a major part of your estate assets could be lost upon your demise.



For example, there are billions of dollars in unclaimed money that are owed to deceased relatives being held by the government and financial institutions waiting to be claimed by estate beneficiaries.


  • According to life insurance companies 25% of all policies go unclaimed because family members are unaware that the policy exists.  For example, Prudential could not locate 1.2 million policyholders, John Hancock after its demutualization, did not have the address of 400,000 policyholders, and according to MetLife, 60 million shares arising from its demutualization were unclaimed.
  • According to the U.S. government, over $13 billion in savings bonds have not been redeemed
  • Hundreds of billions of dollars of unclaimed monies are being held by state and federal banks waiting for owners and beneficiaries to make claims.

  • In the U.K. approximately $170 billion are held by various financial institutions waiting to be claimed by owners and beneficiaries.

  • According to the bank of Canada approximately 750,000 individual investments remain unclaimed and approximately $200 million are sitting in unclaimed bank accounts.


Millions of people are not even aware that they may be entitled to collect billions of dollars in unclaimed money that is owed to deceased relatives. The Document Management System will show what you can do determine if you may be entitled to a part of this large unclaimed fortune.


In virtually every country in the world there are billions of unclaimed dollars that are still outstanding. The major reason is that the estate executors and the beneficiaries were unaware of the existence of these assets because there was no evidence or documentation.



Summary of major benefits and what you will learn

  • Have a complete record of estate assets and vital documents
  • Simplify and expedite the estate settlement process
  • Save estate executors time and fees
  • Understand the role of estate executor
  • Save time and expenses involved in tracking “lost” assets
  • Avoid unnecessary loss
  • Understand the 10 key reasons why billions of dollars remain unclaimed
  • Learn what you can do to determine if you may be entitled to a part of this large unclaimed fortune
  • Take the right steps to ensure that your potential inheritance does not get “lost” in the system
  • Take the right steps to ensure that your legacy is passed on to your rightful heirs without getting “lost” in the system


Literally within minutes from now you could use this system to guarantee that all your assets and documents are properly organized and that your hard earned assets will not disappear in some bottomless pit.





For the past 24 years the author has been offering revolutionary ideas and strategies to enable people just like you to achieve their financial objectives with confidence and certainty. Books written by the author include: Fly with the Eagles – 38 Steps beyond Financial Survival, Estate Planning – Preserve your Wealth, Retirement Planning – Design your Dream, and Budgeting & Investing – Take charge of your Money.


Based on his in-depth knowledge of financial planning, broad based multi-disciplinary experience and extensive research, the author has distilled and packaged the best ideas, secrets, tips and strategies used by successful people.


Successful people do not wait for things to happen – they make things happen.


Order now and organize your assets and vital documents.





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Do the right thing and ensure that nothing is lost during the estate settlement process.



P.S. Learn how to settle an estate and save professional executor’s fees.

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