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Don’t Let The Government Take A Bite Out Of Your Estate

Preserve The Value Of Your Estate For Your Heirs



Preserve the value of your estate for the benefit of your heirs by implementing proven estate and inheritance planning strategies to minimize estate settlement expenses and taxes. Like most people, you want to help your heirs and not the government to inherit your estate.


If you intend to keep your estate assets intact for the sole benefit of your heirs, you have to know how to protect these assets from the key elements that can take a big bite out of your estate. For example, income taxes, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, probate fees, legal fees, executor’s fees and other related expenses can cause a major shrinkage of your estate. Applying tried and proven basic estate and inheritance planning strategies will mitigate the negative impact of all these expenses and keep your estate assets intact for your heirs.


Without basic estate planning a lifetime of work could be destroyed upon your demise. It would be a very sad experience for the surviving heirs to see a substantial shrinkage in the value of their inheritance – something that could have been avoided through basic estate planning.




Here is an example to illustrate what can happen without proper estate planning:

Elvis Presley had an estate of $10,165,134. After estate settlement costs of $7,374,635, Elvis’ net estate was reduced to $2,790,799. This translates to an unfortunate 73% shrinkage!


Applying basic estate planning strategies would have left the full $10,165,134 intact for his beneficiaries.


This example is a powerful demonstration of the importance of having a well thought out and complete estate plan – for without it years of accumulated wealth can simply go down the drain. Don’t let this happen to your estate. Don’t let the government take a big bite out of your estate. Don’t let your wealth go down the drain.



The income tax regulations state that upon the demise of a tax payer, apart from certain specific exemptions, there is a deemed disposition of all assets that the tax payer owns at the time of his/her death.


What this means is that the government will consider all of the eligible assets to have been sold at fair market value and as such the accrued gains will become assessable for tax at your highest marginal tax rate. In addition, inheritance tax, probate fees and other taxes applicable in your jurisdiction can cause a further dent in your net estate value.


No matter what jurisdiction you live in, the government always gets its pound of flesh.
We will show you smart ways to mitigate the negative impact of taxation and other related expenses so that you can preserve the value of your estate for your heirs.


For example, would you rather have your estate executor write a check for $1,000 or $10,000 to defray the cost of settling your estate? If you answered $1,000, then this manual is definitely for you.


It is important to note that wills and trusts play important roles in the organization and preservation of your estate. A will is the cornerstone for an estate plan and deals with all matters regarding the distribution of your estate assets. Creative use of wills and trusts can not only protect the interests of your heirs, but also can help reduce the impact of taxes and probate fees.


In addition, if you do not have a proper record of your assets and vital documents, valuable assets can be “lost” during the estate settlement process. For example, there are billions of dollars in unclaimed money currently held by the government waiting to be claimed by the beneficiaries of deceased relatives. We will provide a record keeping system so that you can maintain an accurate record of all your assets and vital documents.


Furthermore, it is vitally important to understand that most estates usually comprise of assets that are not readily convertible into cash. For example, real estate, long term financial investments, business interests, rental properties and other assets. In other words, most estate assets are generally illiquid.


If proper funding arrangements are not made then it is highly probable that valuable estate assets may have to be liquidated at fire sale prices in order to pay for the estate settlement expenses. These expenses can easily amount to thousands and even millions of dollars in the case of larger estates. We will show how you can fund estate settlement expenses without having to liquidate valuable estate assets.


We realize that estate planning may be a daunting task for many people. That’s why we have simplified the process so that it is easy to understand and implement. This manual has all the basic estate planning tools, facts, worksheets, forms and instructions that you need to ensure that the full value of your estate remains intact for your heirs.




Summary of major benefits and what you will learn


  • How to preserve the value of your estate and save thousands of dollars in estate settlement costs and thus avoid estate shrinkage
  • How to keep the government out of your estate so that your heirs don’t have to share their inheritance
  • How to organize your estate assets so that nothing is lost during the estate settlement process
  • How to structure a formal Will to ensure that your estate assets are distributed in a judicious manner to avoid any potential family conflicts
  • How to structure a living Will to ensure that your personal wishes are respected
  • How  trusts can be used to protect your family interests and save taxes
  • How to appoint estate executors and trustees whom you can trust
  • How to arrange a power of attorney for property and health care issues so that all your affairs are handled effectively
  • Save thousands of dollars on legal, accounting and executors’ fees
  • How to fund estate settlement costs in the most cost effective manner and save thousands of dollars
  • How to guarantee that the full value of your estate remains intact for the sole benefit of your heirs
  • How to deal confidently and get the most value from professional advisors




Literally within minutes from now you can apply these incredibly valuable basic estate planning strategies to preserve the value of your estate and save thousands of dollars.


For the past 24 years the author has been offering revolutionary ideas and strategies to enable people just like you to achieve their financial objectives with confidence and certainty.


During this time, he also held senior leadership positions with a number of leading international financial institutions including New York Life and The Prudential. Prior to the financial services industry, the author held management positions with IBM, was a financial accountant and a management consultant.


Books written by the author include: Fly with the Eagles – 38 Steps beyond Financial Survival, Estate Planning – Preserve your Wealth, Retirement Planning – Design your Dream, and Budgeting & Investing – Take charge of your Money.


Based on his in-depth knowledge of financial planning, broad based multi-disciplinary experience and extensive research, the author has distilled and packaged the best ideas, secrets, tips and strategies used by successful people.


Successful people do not wait for things to happen – they make things happen.


Do not procrastinate….take action today and help your heirs protect their inheritance.


Order now - preserve your wealth and enjoy peace of mind.





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Do the right thing and preserve the value of your estate – don’t deprive your heirs of their full entitlement.



P.S. Apply the ultimate test: Ask your heirs if they would like to share their inheritance with the government?

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