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Fly With The Eagles And Transform Your Life

Plan For Major Life Events And Enjoy Financial Freedom


Fly with the Eagles is the ultimate and complete financial planning manual that can help you transform your life beyond financial survival. By integrating the human, spiritual and financial elements, it offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to road mapping your life. This approach to complete financial planning looks at the big picture of life - it will enable you to plan and achieve your major goals with confidence and enjoy financial freedom.


There are twelve major life events or milestones in the course of our human journey. These include: birth of a child, formal education years, job/career, establishing a home, marriage, raising a family, divorce, long term sickness/disability/critical illness, empty nester, retirement, care years, and death.


Each of these events has significant financial and emotional implications that we have to understand and deal with. Based on the challenges posed by the major life events, we address the following key planning opportunities: self management, personal finance budgeting, wills and estate planning, retirement income planning and investing.


The following is an overview of the major planning opportunities
and how you will benefit by having all your bases covered.


Self management is the master key that can increase your effectiveness in all areas of your life. It is based on the premise that we are the cause of all causes and that our personal and financial future is shaped by our values and beliefs. Our external experience is simply a reflection of our inner self. Therefore to experience different outcomes, a personal change has to happen first from the inside. We cannot continue to do the same things over and over and expect different results. Without this understanding there will always be conflicts, chaos, confusion and frustrations in our lives.


Budgeting is the heart of financial planning. Personal finance budgeting is not about juggling and shifting numbers around. It is a conscious effort to understand your values and beliefs, the reasons for your spending behavior, and making appropriate changes so that you can maximize the value of your money in all areas of your life. Tried and proven budgeting practices will enable you to re-establish your priorities, have money for your needs, achieve your goals, and eliminate financial stress. Become the master of budgeting and you will become the master of your money.


Investing – to successfully invest for your future objectives you have to have a good understanding of the principles of investing. Whether you are investing for your children’s education, your retirement or any other worthwhile objective, you have to know how to evaluate and select appropriate investment vehicles that are consistent with your objectives.

In addition, you have to understand your personal tolerance for risk and the risk factors associated with a particular investment. According to Life Insurance Marketing Research Association, consumers lose billions of dollars each year because of a lack of investment knowledge and unwise investments. You will learn how to invest with more confidence to achieve your goals.


Retirement Income Planning – Enjoy the beach, play golf, travel….Design your dream and live life on your terms. Retirement is a major landmark in your journey of life when your regular source of income will come to a stop. How do you go about planning for this important event? Would you have enough money to meet your needs? What strategies can you implement to ensure that your retirement goals will be met? Retirement planning is a conscious effort to clearly visualize your retirement lifestyle and creating income sources to support this lifestyle. Planning in advance will enable you to realize your dreams and live life on your terms.


Wills and Estate Planning deals with the organization and distribution of your estate assets while minimizing the impact of taxation and other settlement expenses. If you intend to keep your estate assets intact for the sole benefit of your heirs, you have to know how to protect these assets from the key elements that can take a big bite out of your estate. For example, income taxes, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, probate fees, legal fees, executor’s fees and other related expenses can cause a major shrinkage of your estate.


No matter what jurisdiction you live in, the government always gets its pound of flesh. We will show you smart ways to mitigate the negative impact of taxation and other related expenses so that you can preserve the value of your estate for your heirs.



Summary of major benefits and what you will learn


  • Effective self management techniques to enhance your personal effectiveness
  • How to be an effective CEO of your life – make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen
  • How to evaluate your values and beliefs and change the outcomes in your life
  • How to select and deal effectively with professional advisors
  • How to master the art of budgeting and magnify the power of your money
  • How to invest with confidence and meet your key objectives
  • How to identify and plan for all your major life events so that you can have the security of knowing that all your future contingencies are taken care of
  • How to plan and create your retirement dream
  • How to prepare for your care years so that you can live with dignity without being a burden on your loved ones
  • How to preserve the value of your estate and save thousands of dollars in settlement costs
  • How to protect your heirs from potential predators
  • How to keep the government out of your estate
  • How to create an eternal legacy – the most meaningful and lasting gift
  • How to arrange a lifetime support for a physically/mentally challenged dependent
  • And much more...



Fly with the Eagles is the ultimate and complete manual for planning and achieving your life goals. Every need that you will experience over the continuum of your life is covered - so order now and take your life and finances to a higher level.

Literally within minutes from now you could be applying these incredibly valuable financial planning strategies to improve your life and finances.

For the past 24 years the author has been offering revolutionary ideas and strategies to enable people just like you to achieve their financial objectives with confidence and certainty.


During this time, he also held senior leadership positions with a number of leading international financial institutions including New York Life and The Prudential. Prior to the financial services industry, the author held management positions with IBM, was a financial accountant and a management consultant.


Based on his in-depth knowledge of financial planning, broad based multi-disciplinary experience and extensive research, the author has distilled and packaged the best ideas, secrets, tips and strategies used by successful people in the form of a financial planning manual.


This is the only complete planning manual of its kind – you will not find this manual in stores or elsewhere on the internet. This highly valuable and insightful manual is designed to put you in control of your life and finances. You will achieve your goals with confidence and certainty by using powerful financial planning strategies, sound ideas, tips and action projects - no stone will be left unturned.


Fly with the Eagles is based on tried, proven and practical ideas. It includes 38 action projects, instructions, worksheets, forms and guidelines that are easy to understand and put into effect. After completing the 38 action steps you will have a blueprint for your life.


You will feel much happier and more positive about your future. You will gain significant knowledge and will be able to make sound decisions regarding your finances and personal life. In addition, you will have more confidence in dealing with professional advisors. Your only regret would be that you didn’t have access to this manual 10 years ago.


If there was a time to make a difference in your life, it is now - the application of even one idea could be a life changing event. Order now and live your life with total confidence – Fly with the Eagles!





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After you place your order, the manual will be instantly available as a downloadable PDF document.


Successful people do not wait for things to happen – they make things happen.


P.S. “People with goals succeed because they know where they are going….It’s as simple as that.” Earle Nightingale.

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