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Free Yourself From Financial Stress

Get Rid Of Crippling Debts And Achieve Your Goals



Learn how to apply tried and proven personal budgeting strategies to establish your household budgeting, get rid of your debts, achieve your goals, and free yourself from financial stress.  


With a strong focus on self management, this revolutionary approach to budgeting addresses the root causes of spending behavior and offers powerful tips on budgeting, personal budgeting strategies and investing for your future. Furthermore, it examines the underlying values and beliefs which guide human behavior and the choices that we make.


Budgeting is not about juggling and shifting numbers around. It is a conscious effort to understand your values and beliefs, the reasons for your spending behavior, and making appropriate changes so that you can maximize the value of your money in all areas of your life.


You cannot expect to experience new and different outcomes in your life if you continue to do the same thing over and over. Experiencing new and different outcomes is the whole idea behind the revolutionary budgeting process.



If you intend to achieve your life goals, you have to identify and focus on your key priorities. What are the important things in your life that really matter? What are the action steps that you have to take? Tried and proven personal budgeting strategies will enable you to re-establish your priorities, have money for your needs, achieve your goals, and eliminate your financial stress.


Budgeting & Investing –Take charge of your Money is the only book of its kind. It offers a holistic and innovative approach to personal financial management.  A case study together with budgeting worksheets, forms, instructions and action projects are provided to enable you to easily master the art of budgeting and improve your finances. Become the master of budgeting and you will become the master of your money.


Major benefits of budgeting - Here’s what you will learn


  • How to enjoy more favorable outcomes in your life
  • How to master the art of budgeting and magnify the power of your money
  • How to leverage the power in your existing financial assets to achieve your goals
  • Proven techniques and tools to establish and manage your household budgeting
  • Tips on budgeting and personal budgeting strategies
  • How to control your expenses and increase your investment opportunities
  • How to use credit wisely and eliminate interest payments
  • Debt consolidation strategies to improve cash flow and reduce interest payments




To successfully invest for your future objectives you have to have a good understanding of the principles of investing. Whether you are investing for your children’s education, your retirement or any other worthwhile objective, you have to know how to evaluate and select appropriate investment vehicles that are consistent with your objectives.


In addition, you have to understand your personal tolerance for risk and the risk factors associated with a particular investment. According to Life Insurance Marketing Research Association, consumers lose billions of dollars each year because of a lack of investment knowledge and unwise investments. The chapter on the fundamentals of investing will show how you can invest with more confidence to achieve your goals.




Summary of major benefits and what you will learn


  • The principles and objectives of investing so that you can invest with confidence
  • How to evaluate and select appropriate investment opportunities that are consistent with your objectives and risk tolerance  
  • The different classes of investments and the opportunities and risks they present
  • The power of leveraging – understand the upside and the downside to avoid a financial loss
  • And much more


You can enjoy contentment and a sense of freedom that comes from getting your financial house in order.





For the past 24 years the author has been offering revolutionary ideas and strategies to enable people just like you to achieve their financial objectives with confidence and certainty.


During this time, he also held senior leadership positions with a number of leading international financial institutions including New York Life and The Prudential. Prior to the financial services industry, the author held management positions with IBM, was a financial accountant and a management consultant.


Books written by the author include: Fly with the Eagles – 38 Steps beyond Financial Survival, Estate Planning – Preserve your Wealth, Retirement Planning – Design your Dream, and Budgeting & Investing – Take charge of your Money.


Based on his in-depth knowledge of financial planning, broad based multi-disciplinary experience and extensive research, the author has distilled and packaged the best ideas, secrets, tips and strategies used by successful people.


Successful people do not wait for things to happen – they make things happen.


Take charge of your money by ordering your copy now.


Do not procrastinate….take action today and start experiencing new outcomes in your life.





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Do the right thing – take charge of your money and enjoy financial freedom.



P.S. The master key to free yourself from the vicious cycle of debts and to achieve your goals lies in your willingness to change the way you do things.  

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