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About the Author



Harry Singh is the principal of Gibraltar Financial Group. He is a wealth preservation consultant to high net worth individuals, business owners, professionals, and career individuals.


As a seasoned and successful consultant, the author has directly and indirectly influenced the lives of thousands of people over the past twenty-four years.


During this time, he also held senior leadership positions with a number of leading international financial institutions including New York Life and The Prudential, with a focus on management, hiring, training and coaching successful financial advisors and managers.


Prior to the financial services industry, the author held management positions with IBM, was a financial accountant and a management consultant focusing on organizational development, marketing and profitability studies.


With a degree in Economics from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and a certified financial planning designation, the author obtained advanced business and financial management training in New York and Canada.


During his career span, the author received numerous industry accolades, awards and citations based on making significant contributions as a leader, advisor and coach.


Based on his in-depth knowledge of financial planning, broad based multi-disciplinary experience and extensive research, the author has distilled and packaged the best ideas, secrets, tips and strategies used by successful people.


Manuals written by the author include – Fly with the Eagles, Budgeting & Investing, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, and Document Management System.


These manuals present proven cutting edge strategies designed to address all your financial planning needs over the continuum of your life.


The author has reduced the complexity of financial planning concepts to simple, practical and easy to understand terms


It is important to note that these manuals are not written by an academic with simply a theoretical knowledge, but rather, the manuals are based on the author’s first hand experience as a seasoned and insightful practitioner guiding, advising and coaching a wide range of individuals including financial planning managers and advisors.


As schools do not teach life management skills, you now have the opportunity to be guided by a seasoned professional to improve your life and finances.



Retirement Income Planning

Fly with the Eagles -38 Steps Beyond Financial Survival

This is the ultimate and complete financial planning manual that will enable you to plan and achieve your major life goals with confidence. It includes budgeting money, investing, planning retirement, estate planning and self management...


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Personal Budgeting Strategies

Budgeting & Investing - Take Charge of Your Money

With a strong focus on self management, this revolutionary approach to budgeting and investing will help you get rid of your debts, achieve your goals, and set you free from financial stress...



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Retirement Income

Retirement Planning - Design Your Dream

Retirement is a major landmark when your regular source of income will come to a stop. Learn practical and proven strategies to design your retirement dream and create sufficient income so that you can live life on your terms...



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Estate Planning and Trusts

Estate Planning - Preserve Your Wealth

Don’t let the government take a big bite out of your estate. Learn how to preserve the value of your estate for the benefit of your heirs by implementing proven strategies to minimize estate settlement expenses and taxes...


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Document Management System

Document Management System - Don't Lose Your Assets

This system is included in the Estate Planning manual. Help your heirs locate your assets and vital documents easily when the time comes. Learn how to maintain a proper record of your assets and vital documents to ensure that nothing is lost during the estate settlement process...

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Planning Retirement


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